Storage wars


The Web Fraud Squad and Roy Tribble expose yet another staged and faked "reality" series -- this time it's A&E's "Storage Wars", "Storage Wars: New York", "Shipping Wars" and "Storage Wars: Texas"!

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How does A&E get away with this scam?

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Why don't advertisers protest false practices?
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How is Dave Hester's legal case fairing in the courts and what is the status of his lawsuit?

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Can you really make that much money off of storage auctions?

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I think Brandi is really hot. How do I find out more about her?

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"brandi's more real than the show."

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Did you know  former "Storage Wars" cast member Dave Hester sued A&E for staging fake props during the show?

Did you know  Dave Hester's suit is legitimate and true, and that A&E's only rebuttal was to hide behind the 1st Amendment and a few arcane interpretations of communication and television law that they claim doesn't apply to them?

Did you know  A&E has never outright denied Dave Hester's claims?

-- Mike Davenport, "Media Today"

Brandi Passante, star of "Storage Wars"